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Broking Services

At Hayat, we offer a complete suite of insurance broking services, each one tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the particular client. These services include:

* Creating Customized Insurance Programs

* Placement Service

* Claims Service

* Ongoing Client Servicing

Customized Insurance Programs

As each client’s needs are different, we tailor make the Insurance Program of each client to meet their specific needs. Each Insurance Program is specially designed to protect the client against various losses arising from the destruction of their physical assets, loss of earnings and other risk exposures.

Placement Service

Our methods of placing insurance vary according to the particular form of protection required by our clients. We do not depend on any one insurance company and we are completely independent from any insurer. This enables us to choose the best-fit insurance company for the specific insurance needs of each client.

Our work keeps us in daily contact with the market and this provides us with an intimate knowledge of the strengths and limitations of insurers. Due to our long association, we enjoy a close rapport with the market. This enables us to exert considerable influence on the market on behalf of our clients. We are in a unique position to establish the most suitable market for our client’s specific needs.

Claims Service

Our team regularly receives and analyzes claims documents from our clients to assist with the speedy resolution and settlement of claims. Our teams of dedicated client servicing personnel remain in regular contact with clients, insurers and loss adjusters on any outstanding claims, following through each claim until an equitable settlement of all insured losses is arranged.

Ongoing Client Servicing

Each client’s Insurance Program is overseen by one of our broking managers and their respective teams of executives and support staff. These broking teams maintain regular contact with our clients to protect our client’s best interests – whether in the form of arranging for additional cover where needed, modifying cover to fit the evolving needs of the client, or even in the provision of risk management advisory support.

Check out our Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA) here.