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Benefits of Using Our Professional Services

We are Independent & We Represent The Client (YOU!)

As a firm of insurance brokers, we are completely independent from the influence of any insurance company. Unlike insurance agents, we do not represent the insurance company. Instead, our job is to represent the client - to represent YOU.

Our job is to secure for our clients the suitably broad coverage, from financially sound insurance companies that offer high service standards and competitive premiums. Clients who choose to use our professional 

Our clients have found our experience, technical expertise and solid rapport invaluable when negotiating hard for suitable insurance programs – and also when seeking assistance in the settlement of claims. All of this value-adding advice and service that we offer our clients can make a significant difference in the quality and cost-effectiveness of our client’s Insurance Program, which in turn can dramatically impact our clients’ bottom lines and their ability to return to business as usual in the event of an insured loss.

Wide Choice of Insurance Companies

As an insurance broker licensed by the Central Bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), we have the flexibility to work with any and all insurance companies in Malaysia. This in turn means that our clients have the ability to choose any product offering from any insurance company in Malaysia.

This choice is not available to those policyholders who use the services of an insurance agent. Current regulations restrict insurance agents so that they can only represent a maximum of two (2) insurance companies. This limits policyholders to products that the particular insurance company chooses to offer via that particular insurance agent. Furthermore, the policyholder is not likely to be privy to information as to the existence of more suitable, flexible or competitive products available from the various other insurance companies in the market.

Intimate Market Knowledge

As an insurance broking firm, we work closely with many insurance companies on a daily basis to arrange or modify coverage for our clients as well as to assist our clients with the settlement of claims. Working so closely with the different insurance companies gives us an intimate knowledge of the unique strengths and capabilities of the different insurers. We use this knowledge to identify which insurance company is best fit for any given client’s unique needs.

Difficult or Unique Risks

Many of our clients have approached us for assistance because they could not find an insurance company to insure certain specialized types of risks. Based on our knowledge of the capability and limitations of the market and the types of products available, we are able to place certain specialized covers that are often otherwise not placeable by our clients. Such arrangements require an in-depth knowledge of the products and an innovative approach to solve the clients' seemingly insurmountable problems.

Bulk Buying Power

Not surprisingly, insurance companies look upon us as a bulk buyer of insurance from them. On a collective basis we control a substantial volume of insurance premiums. Our bulk buying power enables us to buy insurance coverage at very competitive terms.

Naturally, we have considerable influence with the insurance companies when we negotiate for suitably broad insurance terms or for the most advantageous claims settlements on behalf of our clients.

Licensing, Ethics & Strict Code of Conduct

As an insurance broker licensed by the Central Bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), under the Insurance Act 1996, we come under the close supervision and regulation of BNM. Part of this regulation requires us to regularly submit reports and statistics, and to answer any queries raised by BNM at any time. This close scrutiny ensures that our business operations are bona fide clean, properly managed and compliant with the industry's strict Code of Conduct and Ethics.